Why use fresh-ground flours?
Fresh is best!  Industrial flour manufacturers use bleaching, maturing or dough conditioning agents and may remove portions of the grain, namely the germ.  It also removes nutrients such as b-vitamins, anti-oxidants and unsaturated fatty-acids. Our small batch flours are handcrafted from 100% whole grains without altering agents and we ensure freshness, flavor and nutritive value. We recommend refrigerating your flours and grains for maximum flavor and nutrition.

Why use freshly-hulled rice?
Once rice is hulled, it begins to lose nutrients and flavor. To maintain freshness, flavor and nutrition, we hull our rice to order or just before farmers market days. And it's OK to open your bag of rice and find some naturally occurring green kernels in there while many industrial farms will use gases on their rice to make it uniform in color--an unnecessary step.

Why use freshly-dried beans?
Many industrial farms, to speed up the process, often dry their beans with glyphosphate. We allow our beans to dry naturally, as long as possible in the field, then we finish them on a large dryer in order to prepare them for long-term storage. Just because you can keep beans dried forever doesn't mean its a good idea! Older beans take longer to cook, and the oldest beans will stay tough and chewy no matter how long you cook them. dried beans' flavor and texture are best the first year after harvest, the difference is hard to miss! Our beans are all sold before the new harvest comes in the following year.  

For people with Celiac Disease or Severe Allergies
At this time we only have one set of grain processing equipment and our gluten-free grains are processed on the same equipment as grains that contain gluten. While we do our best to clean the equipment thoroughly between grains, we cannot guarantee there is no cross-contamination.